Stephanie Powell

Stephanie Powell

Word nerd, tea enthusiast and owner of By The Way Creative.


As a small business owner, you know that time is money is money is time. Every hour you spend not on your business feels like throwing £20 notes into the toilet. However, it’s very easy to become all consumed by working for your business, that you forget to enjoy the perks – the very reasons you started all this.

Most small business owners began their entrepreneural career because they wanted more control, more freedom, but crucially more life. So why are you spending your precious evenings glued to an Excel spreadsheet? Why are you spending your Saturday morning looking for items for your premises or trawling the internet for new stock?

You’ve got your priorities wrong. You need outsourcing. But what should you outsource?

  1. Book-keeping: It’s the biggest headache for most sole traders and small businesses. You know you have to do it but it’s complicated and laboriously time-consuming. Just cut it out. You’ll save yourself hours (and therefore, money) by employing a freelance professional to keep your books in tip top condition. April will be a BREEZE.
  2. Website: Whilst there are plenty of cheap, or even free, ways to create a website – you have to face facts. You are not going to be as good as the professionals. Hiring a web designer or even just buying a theme for your site will save you HTML headaches and design blunders.
  3. Content marketing: In short, your social media. When you’ve got a hundred other tasks to do that make up the lifeblood of your business, social media definitely takes a back seat. It doesn’t have to! Getting someone to take control of your online presence means you can rest assured that potential customers are seeing your content and you can continue putting the best of you into your business!

The best place to look for people to outsource to is within your local business community. Finding a small business, just like yours, in your local area means that not only can you easily meet and discuss your goals – but you’re also singing from the same hymn-sheet. No one gets an entrepreneurs goals like another entrepreneur! So utilise the ones near you.

Check out sites such as peopleperhourfreelancer, Facebook and Instagram to find your best local services.

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