My Story

firstly, hats off to my dad

…for giving his old laptop when I was 10. Back in the age before the internet (yes… dial-up baby over here!) all I had was Word and my own vividly colourful imagination.

Over the next few years I birthed a biblical length story about a girl called Ingrid and cultivated an intense love of writing.

At university I dived into… literal…heaven (see what I did there?). I sporadically added to a blog I’d started as a teenager and began to craft my own unique combination of digital brevity and literary flair.


Digital marketing hit the stratosphere as I stepped off the graduation podium – but it didn’t take long for the shine to tarnish. 

Working in an office with time constraints, stuffy chairs and a stagnant pool of clients, I couldn’t breathe. 

I once described the feeling as ‘corporate-bollocksed-up-to-the-eyeballs’ at a networking event. I went down pretty well so let’s stick with that.

In early 2017 I took the biggest risk of my life.

I’d rented for 5 years, had a mountain of student tuition debt and absolutely no plan… but I quit my cushy marketing job.

by the way creative

… was established on my charity shop dining table, in my tiny flat, in between waitressing shifts. It took sleepless nights, tears of elation and approximately 8,756 espressos.

These days, life looks a little (lot) different. I spend every single day answering my true calling – writing for a diverse and creative client base, speaking to solo entrepreneurs, CEOs and large companies all over the world. From my office in beautiful Hampshire, I connect you with your ideal client.

When I’m not filling my quill, you’ll find me hanging out with my partner – Josh (another bad-ass entrepreneur), running, endurance training and recording The Mighty Foof podcast.

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